Every'ding come from de Greek!

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Documentation process started 2015-07-17 by Stephen Boddy.

All contributions and improvements are welcome.

Updated for Date Author / Editor Notes
0.97, r1598 2015-08-07 Stephen Boddy Initial creation
0.97, r1621 2015-08-21 Stephen Boddy Minor changes/corrections
Added links to dev docs
0.98 2015-08-26 Stephen Boddy Stick a fork in it, it’s done
0.98, r1663 2015-09-30 Stephen Boddy Add the new PuTTY paste mode
Add new Remotinator commands
FAQ for other Terminator
Add Bug handling flow
Minor changes/corrections
0.98, r1667 2015-10-01 Stephen Boddy Add the new Smart copy mode
1.91, r1759 2017-03-29 Stephen Boddy Updates for the GTK3 Port
1.92 2017-04-18 Markus Frosch Updates for 1.92 release
2.0 2020-10-06 Matt Rose Updates for 2.0 release
2.0.1 2020-10-11 Matt Rose Minor bugfix release
2.1 2021-01-04 Matt Rose Updates for 2.1 release

For a more detailed overview and changelogs see release notes and changelogs.


Ideally this documentation should be kept up-to-date with the changes as they go in. This way things don’t get missed. There could be some lag between releases, but it should definitely be updated for a new release.